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Power to the People: Decentralized Project Selection and Employee Self-allocation in Organizations (with Maciej Workiewicz, ESSEC)

Strategic Management Journal (2022) Vol. 43, Issue 5 (Link)

Nominee, Strategic Management Society Best Conference Paper (2017)

Robots and Gender Equality: Evidence from US Surgeons

(with Seth Carnahan, WashU in St Louis; and Brad Greenwood, George Mason University)

Reject and Resubmit at Administrative Science Quarterly; Preparing for Resubmission 

Winner, OMT Responsible Research Award, Academy of Management (2022)

Automation and its Discontents: The Impact of Cognitive Task Automation on Organizational Innovation

Manuscript under preparation

Winner, Strategic Management Society Best PhD Paper Award, Knowledge Innovation Interest Group (2019)

Nominee, Strategic Management Society Best Conference Paper and Best PhD Paper Prize (2019)

Recombination and Technological Choices in Firms

(with Maria Roche, Harvard).

Data Analysis

Participation and Turnover in online collaborative settings

(with Julien Clement, Stanford; and Seyeon Kim, Stanford)

Data analysis stage

The Impact of AI on Creativity and Innovation

(with Hyunjin Kim, INSEAD)

Experiment design stage

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